Monday, September 23, 2013

Redskins 0-3 But still show progress

Game 3
Despite starting 0-2 and having a historically bad defense, the Redskins with just
one solitary win on Sunday could have pulled out of the cellar of the NFC EAST and actually been tied record wise with the Philadephia Eagles. 
The defense had a strong start in sacking Matthew Stafford, and grabbing a pick six to give the Skins an early lead.   Unfortunately the Redskins offense couldn't capitalize on the early lead that the defense gave them.  As Matthew Stafford went up and down the field with ease in 10+ yard chunks.  Calvin Johnson, and a few other Lions receivers including Nate Burleson seemed almost unguarded by the young and inexperienced Redskin secondary.

The good news was that the offense started to move the football in the first half, they actually were able to put together a touchdown drive and go into the locker room with the game close at 14-17.  
Robert Griffin III actually looked more like a professional quarterback, and appeared to start knocking off some rust.  He still doesn't have speed and quickness that he had when he entered the league.  There seemed to be several times when he was being pursued by defensive lineman and didn't have the elusiveness that he once possessed.  I guess we're still weeks away from seeing that old RG3.   He did still complete a decent percentage of passes.  He was accurate for the most part.

Two of the most positive plays I saw from RG3 actually had negative results in the end.  There was the long bomb that RG3 tossed to Aldarick Robinson that initially was called a touchdown.  A replay later revealed that the ball was moving around while Robinson was on the ground and the touchdown was called back, that would be a momentum killer for the Redskins.  That play proved that RG3 still has that amazing arm strength that he showed last season and that he showed during the combines and pro day workouts.  
Another play was RG3s scramble after being in trouble in the pocket, RG3 showed quickness and was able to get 10-15 yards, but after making a head first slide he coughed up the football.   While RG3 needs to work on his sliding, it was good to see that he can still get first downs with his feet. 

The Redskin defense has given up more yards than anybody in modern NFL history through 3 games.   Is it tackling?  Is it the young secondary's inexperience?  Is it the scheme?  Are the Redskins unfortunate schedule wise, in playing Chip Kelly's wide open offense, and then facing former MVP Aaron Rodgers, and then Megatron to start the season?  The answer.. to all of these questions is a resounding YES!  I think the secondary will get some relief in the form of Oakland this week.  But the Redskins should still be weary of facing a very game and mobile Terrelle Pryor in week 4.  Hopefully some relief is on the way in the form of Rob Jackson and Jarvis Jenkins week 6 after coming back from suspensions.  Also there's hope that Roger Goddell may release Tanard Jackson from his suspension, and he can get into football shape and help the Redskins porous secondary.   Until then this maybe a long year.  

Rob Anthony

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