Monday, October 14, 2013

Redskins come up short late. Cowboys Win 31- 16

Redskins come up short late.  Cowboys Win 31- 16 

 Despite getting their 4th loss last night to their rivals.  There were some positive signs last night from the skins.   The defense seems to be much more stout than it has been the last several weeks as Tony Romo and the Cowboy offense was kept silent for much the night.The other good sign was that RG3 looked a lot like RG3 of old.  He wasn't afraid to leave the pocket and he was able to make several plays with his feet.   The big problem that emerged from last night's tilt in Dallas was special teams. The skins gave up 200 plus return yards, and returning kicker Kai Forbath missed a 51 yard field goal very badly.  Their long snapper also went down with an injury.  The Redskins also got a penalty called on their special teams coach for bumping an official on the sideline during a punt return.   Had the redskins not given up 3 big returns last night it would have been a totally different ball game.

The first half offensive struggles still continued.  The Redskins haven't scored an offensive touchdown in the first half all season.   That is not a winning formula.  Number one receiver Pierre Garçon was pretty much neutralized by Dallas's defense and we didn't see much from Santana Moss either.   RG3 relied heavy on his own running ability, tight end Jordan Reed and number two receiver Leonard Hankerson.   Alfred Morris aside from a long touchdown run in the second half he didn't have a great day running the football.   Penalties also bogged down drives and gave Dallas life on drives when they appeared destined to punt.  You can't give Tony Romo second and third chances to beat you.  RG3 also put the ball on the carpet twice, once recovered by the skins and the other by the cowboys inside the redskins 5 yard line.   The cowboys took advantage of the Redskins small offensive line that isn't designed for pass blocking.   The redskins were 3-6 last year before they went on their epic 7 game tear.  They would have two of their next four just to match 3-6.   The chances of a repeat in the division are looking bleak.   But they will at least be entertaining and competitive with a healthier and more spry RG3.  With the 36 million dollar cap hit behind them and a healthy knee brace less RG3 I would look for year 5 of the Shanahan five year plan to be the Washington Football team's big year.

Rob Anthony 

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