Monday, October 28, 2013

Redskins Vs Broncos Recap: A not so triumphant return for Shanahan

There was a 30 second video played of Coach Shanahan's tenure with the Denver Broncos that included 2 Super Bowl wins with John Elway.  The fans in Denver definitely still have affection for their coach.  The love stopped after opening kickoff though.

Coming into Sunday's game no one was giving the Redskins a chance to win.
Vegas had a 12 or 13 point line going and that's a huge gap.  Most games in the NFL are decided by 7 points or less.   My thinking was that the Broncos were coming off of a loss and were trending downwards, as Peyton Manning had been sacked 4 times against Indy, had a life and death struggle against Jacksonville, and gave up 48 points to Dallas in the last 3 weeks.  Plus they had one of the worst pass defenses in the league.  That at the least gave the Redskins a chance.
For 2 1/2 quarters the Redskins had more than a chance, they had a 14 point lead.
Their defense had turned over Peyton Manning and scored a pick six via a great play from Deangelo Hall, and a fumble recovery by Brian Orakpo.

The problem was the offense didn't handle their success very well.
In the first half Alfred Morris was running very effectively nearly racking up 100 yards.   In the second half it's like he didn't even exist.   RG3 wasn't seeing open receivers when the Redskins did throw, and when he did see them they were busy not catching passes.   Unfortunately the Skins don't have the personnel to take advantage of weak pass defenses.   Eventually after holding up through 2 plus quarters, the defense finally broke down and Peyton went crazy as the Broncos rattled off 31 straight points.   A pick six thrown by Kirk Cousins was the icing on top.  Washington's offense is still very flawed even though RG3 is what he called all the way back.  One of their biggest flaws might be the regression of RG3.
He doesn't go all the through his progressions, and locks onto one receiver.  He also holds onto the football far too long and in turn takes hits he doesn't need to.
At the end of the game he took a hit and tweaked his left knee, and was okay to come back in the game but to see him on the trainer's table and have Dr. Andrews staring at his knee again was harrowing sight for any Redskins fan.

Hopefully the Shanahans will get the message to him that he needs to get rid of the football much sooner when things break down.  I don't think he will be a great reader of defenses and surveyor of the field overnight.  I think that will be a process he will become better at with more offseasons and seasoning as an NFL veteran.  It still remains to be seen if his coach will be around for many more years to see that progression as next year is Shanahan's last year under contract.   With a 2-5 record no telling whether Dan Snyder will be in a giving mood to provide a contract extension to the Shanahans.

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