Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Chris Mac with the Sports Wrap-up for #DCNowSports 9-23-14

This is Chris mac with your sports wrap up on dc now radio dc now sports. The wrap up show is sponsored by rebirth energy drink the flavor that adds new life! Available at select sports zone elite locations 2 for @5 dollars.

According to ESPN sports Tight end Dennis pitta of the ravens is out for the whole season due to dislocating his hip in last Sunday's win against the browns. The same hip he dislocated last season. In other ravens news according to the ravens and ESPN owner Steve Bischotti says ray rice's camp manufactured the outside the lines story on ESPN to try to get reinstated by the league. They say that the ravens knew about the whole video of the assault and tried to cover it up. The ravens deny any of the allegations on this. This Sunday at 1pm the ravens host game against the Carolina panthers. Stay tuned for that.

And this Thursday night football the Redskins host game against division rival NY giants in Washington.

Coming soon the 2014 mlb postseason. The o's are in quest of trying to secure the best record in all of baseball. They are just 2 and a half games away from the la angels with the best record.

This has been your sports wrap up I'm Chris mac on dc now radio dc now sports. This wrap up was brought to you by rebirth energy drink the flavor that adds new life! Learn more at 

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