Monday, December 29, 2014

Rebecca Dupas Talks #Decadethree and Premiers Video " When a Man Tells You"

Rebecca Dupas has been working hard promoting her new project #DecadeThree available on Itunes and Google play. We caught up with Rebecca for an exclusive interview to talk to her about her new album, what inspired it and more.

Congrats on the new album. What inspired it?

Thank you! I’m so excited about this one. Decade Three feels like a natural progression for me. The CDs I’ve recorded have told an interesting story about my journey as an artist and a woman. This CD is a collection of the lessons I’ve learned leading to my 30’s. Sisters older than me have told me that the thirties were the years that I’d find myself and become more free. So, I searched through over 100 of poems (it’s been four years since my last project) and I found a few that fit the theme of growing bold, mature and sensual. I think that time inspired this album…time and the fact that I had so many poems dying to be heard beyond the local open mic stage.

Why did you name it “Decade Three”?

"Decade Three" is a journey. I’m living the journey and, in some cases, I’m overcoming parts of it. I’ve lived three decades of love, loss and laughter. And, as a narrative poet, I feel obliged to share that with others. People always accuse me of telling their business. I wanted to write something that was grown...something relevant. And, I wanted a title that reflected that. 

What is the story behind this new single “When a Man Tells You’?

My catalogue of poems is “relationship” heavy. There are so many scenarios and topics to tackle when it comes to how human beings interact. “When a Man Tells You” is my attempt to see the break up from a rational perspective. So many times, we want to conclude that a person is wrong or manipulative when a relationship comes to an end. In some cases, the decision to walk away is a selfless one and I wanted to give that single thought more attention. I wrote this poem while walking from a Metro station in DC to my job only three blocks away. It poured out of me. Honestly, I was talking to my own situation and thinking of a brother who, despite how I felt, wasn’t attempting to hurt me by freeing himself. The poem is about respecting decisions. 

What do you want your listeners to take away from this track and the album as a whole?

I hope that when people hear this track that they will understand it. I recognize that as a woman I am only speculating based on my experiences. A number of brothers have vouched for this message, but you just never know if people will get it. I hope this track inspires women to believe who and what people are when they show themselves THE FIRST TIME. For men, I hope that it inspires them to be as clear and honest about their desires as the male subject in the poem is perceived to be. Of course, I hope that everyone will order the album or download it from iTunes or Google Play. I want the entire album will reveal more about who I am, to inspire writers to write, and to make someone else feel like “I told their business”. That would mean that I am still writing things that people can relate to.

What’s next for you?

What’s next for you? My novel "Closure" is in the wings, and I plan to release another book of poetry and a short CD project in 2015. My photography business, B-Sharp Imaging, is growing. That excites me! And, I will soon star in another play written by one of my favorite poets and playwrights, Lamar Hill. The play hits Baltimore in January. Connect with me. I'm @rebeccadupas on your favorite social media sites, or log onto my website, for more info! Check Out the New Video " When A Man Tell You" Here

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