Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Chris Mac with the Sports Wrap-up for #DCNowSports

This is Chris mac with your sports wrap up on dc now radio dc now sports. The wrap up is sponsored by rebirth energy drink the flavor that adds new life. Available at select sports zone elite locations 2 for $5 dollars. 

The Super Bowl 49 winners are the New England Patriots, They won 28-24 in a thriller. Seattle Russell Wilson drove team down field to the 1 yd line until he threw an int instead of giving ball to marshawn lynch which would had given Seattle the probable win. This is the pats 4th title in franchise history.

In NBA action the wizs lost 120-116 in overtime to the raptors. John wall had 28 pts in the game. Wizs next game is against the Charlotte hornets. Stay tuned to recap of game. 

Serena Williams won the Aussie title for the 6th time in her career. She defeated maria sharapova 6-3 ,7-6. 

 This was your sports wrap up I'm chris mac on dc now radio dc now sports. The wrap up was brought to you by Rebirth Energy Drink the flavor that adds new life.

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