Monday, April 27, 2015

Chris Mac with the Sports Wrap-up for #DCNowSports 4-27 2015

This is Chris Mac with your sports wrap up on dc now radio dc now sports. 

The Washington wizards for the first time ever swept a playoff series. They crushed the raptors 124-95. Veteran Paul and bradley beal both helped their team with the win. They await the winner of the atl hawks and nets series. Atlanta leads 3-1. 

 In Nats action they lost series to the miami marlins from this past weekend. Tonight they face the braves. 

 In Orioles action they won series with the red sox. They won 18-7 in a route on sunday. They face the white sox tonight. 

 In NHL playoffs the caps and islanders will have a game 7. NY won 3-1 over the Caps to force game 7.

 This Thursday evening the 2015 NFL draft. This was your sports wrap up I'm Chris Mac on dc now radio dc now sports. 

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