Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Chris Mac with the Sports Wrap-up for #DCNowSports 8-13-2015

This is Chris Mac with your sports wrap up on dc now radio dc now sports. 

Tonight the start of the NFL pre season. The Washington Redskins will be facing the Cleveland Browns. And the ravens will host game against the n.o. saints. Stay tuned. 

In other nfl news a federal judge in the tom brady deflategate hearing says for brady and the nfl to come up with a settlement or the judge will decide in Sept. Brady is suspended for the first four games of season for his alleged involvement in deflating footballs. 

In O's action they were shut out 3-0 and was a no hitter. Seattle mariners hisashi iwakuma threw a no hitter against baltimore. 

Stay tuned for tomorrow wrap up on recap of nationals action. 

 That was your sports wrap up I'm Chris Mac on dc now radio dc now sports!

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