Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Chris Mac with the Sports Wrap-up for #DCNowSports 01-13-2016

This is Chris Mac with your sports wrap up on dc now radio dc now sports. 

Breaking news from the desk of Chris Mac the St. Louis rams have relocated to Inglewood, California for the upcoming NFL season. They return to los Angeles after leaving the city for ST Louis back in '94. Their new stadium will be available in 2019. The league owners have ruled 30-2 in the favor of the move. The san Diego chargers have at least a yr. to make a decision whether they will join the rams or stay in san Diego. Stay tuned for more on this on upcoming sports wrap ups. This Saturday and Sunday the divisional rounds of the NFL playoffs. In NBA action the Washington wizs won 114-100 over the Chicago bulls. Wizs john wall scored 17 pts in the win. This was your sports wrap up I'm Chris Mac on dc now radio dc now sports!

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