Thursday, August 18, 2016

Thursday and Friday Sports Wrap up 8-18-16/8-19-16

This is chris mac with your sports wrap up on dc now radio dc now sports.

Breaking news! Brazilian Police say American swimmer Ryan Lochte lied about the robbery incident last sunday night and a video is emerging where lochte and his friends were fighting a security guard and broke down a door to a restroom room at a gas station in brazil last week. The video contradicts what Lochte asserted. Brazilian police detained the swimmers that was with lochte. Lochte reportedly went back to the U.S. some days ago after a Brazilian judge ordered to seize Lochte and the other swimmers involved in alledged incident passports. According to sources if Lochte did in fact lied about the robbery incident he could lose all of his endorsements. Stay tuned for more on this on upcoming sports wrap ups.

In Olympic action in the women's 100-meters hurdles race the USA swept the race. Brianna Rollins got the gold, Nia Ali the silver, and Kristi Castlin got the bronze medal.

In Washington nats action they lost last night to the Colorado rockies 12-10. the Baltimore orioles lost to the Red Sox 8-1.

That was your sports wrap up I'm chris mac on dc now radio dc now sports!

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